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How much the service Cost?

Well, Nothing. The service is totally free for the users.

Why is there a delay in the answers sometimes?

If your question has an answer readily available from a single relevant resource you get it instantly. However if the bots have to fetch your answer from multiple resources then It may take a few seconds. But there are times that the system couldn’t find an answer that it totally confident about, so they get forwarded to experts from that domain. Then Its upto the experts. But rest assured, we send it to many of them so in all probability you will get an answer faster that if you were to go looking for it in search engines!

Will people know what questions I asked?

As a user your identity is never displayed to anyone and the question you ask are never linked to you. But as an expert your answers (never your questions) can be visible to others.

How can I invite my friends to use the app?

That’s easy, there are various ways to do that. 1. Contacts: Select specific contacts from the contacts option in your Left Drawer and tell them using any communication tool like whatsapp, Email, etc. 2. Tell a friend: use this option from the left drawer in the app and choose how you’d like to tell them. 3. Share your badges. You can share any badge you get with your friends. 4. You can also share any particular question and answer with any friend any time

How can I Share my knowledge?

Once you are registered as an expert, every time someone asks a question in your domain you will find them in the expert zone. You will also get notifications if someone asks you a private question. This is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge. Also you can contribute to the chats that are happening within your domains.

As a business how can the app benefit me?

As a small business you can let your customers contact your @handle via the app. This way you don’t have to give your personal number and also they will have a place where they can get in touch with you anytime of the day or night and you can answer them at your convenience. Also you could generate additional business if you are actively answering questions from your domains. Peaople will search for experts and contact you for information and it can lead to conversions.