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Its Simple. You begin a conversation by asking a question
and we fetch you the answer!

Ask A question

You can ask any question on any domain and rest assured that you will get an answer. You don’t need to write code or bother too much with the language! No more sifting through various web-links to find what you are looking for. We clear the clutter and bring you the answer. You can also drill deeper with chat!


LightBot Answers

These are answers that are given by the system using NLP AI. For most questions our algorithms (over 40 of them) figure out the meaning of the question and find the answer. This considers “you” and the meaning of your question before the answer is sent to you. Based on the responses you can get into a discussion with Bots and other experts.


Expert answers

Sometimes AI cannot find answers if it’s not there on the internet. Here the Bots will forward the queries to experts from those domains. You can directly search for experts in the domains that you are interested in by looking at the Leaderboard and ask them questions directly using their @handle
Interesting Twist: You can ask your friends to register as experts and chat with them anonymously!