If you are a business

& have number of people catering to client queries, get your own #tag and spread the light.

Experts on Light can create their own #tags and get questions relating to that hashtag sent to them. If you have a business or have a group of individuals with you who cater to the same service, you can create #tags for your business or brand and have your customers or fans send their questions to you via Light so that you could easily answer their queries. For eg. if you are an expert at origami, you could claim the #origami and all questions that are posted by others with the #origami prefix, will come to you.

Get your #tag

If you are an individual

professional/consultant, get your own @handle and start connecting with your potential clients.

If you are running a small businessyou can get an @handle assigned to you. People can reach out to you using your @handle address with queries related to your expertise.

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